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We specialize in professional white background product photos, ideal for eCommerce. We guarantee that your product photos will be clean, crisp and on a pure white background.

Each image is professionally shot in one of our 20+ studios and edited to perfection by our well honed machine learning algorithm.

Pricing starts at the below table for white-background photos, with add-ons for extra features shown below.

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Unbeatable Industry-Leading Prices

Base prices for white-background photos

# Photos Price per Photo
100+ $5
50-99 $8
20-49 $9
10-19 $10
5-9 $15
2-4 $20

SAVE 95%

We cost up to 95% less than competitors. We have a quick turnaround and most projects are delivered within 1-2 weeks after receipt of products & payment.

Ghost Mannequins

Using special photography and editing techniques, we can create a great Ghost Mannequin effect. Great solution for showing off your apparel with a fitted look without the need of a model.

Add $20 per photo for our stylist!

Hand Models

Helps to display product features in-use or give a sense of scale. Works great for helping potential customers visualize themselves using the product.

Add $5 per photo for our hand models!


Excellent for demonstrating features, showing products in action, and giving a sense of scale. Models or hand modeling can be added at a cost.

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How it Works: Models

At $150 for up to 15 photos, we offer the cheapest model shots in the industry. Upon email confirmation you can select a female or male model and send us the poses you want in your shot list.

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